Enviro Advocacy Statement

The Resurgence Luxury Eco Lodge was voted one of the world's 25 best eco-lodges by the National Geographic travellers magazine, and in 2019 we were included in the prestigious Earth Collection. This reflects our mission to develop a luxury accommodation in an exceptional setting which would be an example of sustainability to the rest of the tourism industry. Supporting our local community and leading local conservation efforts are key aspects of this strategy alongside ecosystem restoration, resource & waste management and advocacy.

Ecosystem restoration The Resurgence is set in 50 acres of regenerating native rain forest. Since 2003 we have planted several thousand native trees which have been eco-sourced from local suppliers. We have selected species which provide food and shelter for native birds and we have also reduced predator numbers (stoats, rats and possum) through an extensive and ongoing control programme. This has resulted in a very healthy bird population both in quantity and variety of species. This is turn is assisting with plant regeneration as birds such as the keruru will visit the neighbouring Kahurangi National Park and bring back native seeds. Lodge design and construction The lodge and bush suites have been designed to both blend into the native bush and also to minimise their resource usage. Buildings are north facing with large overhanging roofs and shading so as to reduce heating and cooling needs. Local renewable timbers have been used, some sourced from our own property, with natural wool block insulation. All rooms are designed to have a natural air flow to obviate the need for air-conditioning. Recycled timbers have been used in the main lodge together with local wool carpets and fabrics. We have used local tradesmen for both the construction and ongoing preventive maintenance of the lodge and suites to support our local economy.

Resource Management Electricity usage is carefully measured and analysed to ensure that we continue to reduce our KwH per guest night each year. Processes to ensure staff understand and reduce energy usage have been implemented and are reviewed annually. Replacement of assets takes into account life time energy usage. Annual reviews also establish design improvements to reduce energy usage. Guests are encouraged to participate in energy minimisation practices and to understand their benefits. Water is heated using on-demand using well maintained energy efficient gas heaters. Gas usage per guest nights is monitored and managed. Water and waste water systems We have our own spring water but we still monitor our water usage to eliminate unnecessary wastage. We have an on-site water treatment plant so that all waste water is returned into the local ecosystem via irrigation lines to help with our native tree plantings.

Waste minimisation We monitor waste leaving the property and we have in place extensive waste avoidance, reduction and recycling processing. Much of our food is grown on site or sourced locally so packaging is minimised. Staff and guests are encouraged to recycle and compost using stations sited centrally and in each guest room. Any remaining waste is compacted.

Tasman Bay Guardians - Gold Sponsors An inspirational group of passionate marine conservationists and educators dedicated to improving the health of the aquatic spaces of Tasman Bay. Their strategy engages the major environmental pressures on Tasman Bay, identifying stakeholders and potential solution pathways. Following the three facets of Conservation, Collaboration and Education, from small projects such as cleanups, plantings, restorations and others we hope to achieve much greater things by creating positive interactions amongst the stakeholders in the marine space.

Friends of Flora (FOF) is one of the largest community conservation groups in NZ with a predator control program covering 8000 hectares in Kahurangi National Park. FOF is dedicated to restoring ecosystems and biodiversity values in this precious area and has worked with DOC Motueka to successfully re-establish sustainable breeding populations of endangered whio (blue duck) and roroa (great spotted kiwi) The Resurgence Luxury Eco Lodge actively supports FOF both through leadership and financial support. Peter has been on the management committee for the last 10 years and its chairman from 2010 until 2018. He has been instrumental in developing partnerships with DOC and funding agencies to enable the ongoing success of the roroa project and to position the ecosystems FOF protects as one of the most important in the country. He donates many thousands of hours each year to this project. The Resurgence also raises money for FOF from guest donations, kiwi toy sales plus a donation from the lodge for every guest who stays with us.

Advocacy and support of the local community We work with a number of local education providers (NMIT, ATET) to expose tourism students to a world standard eco-lodge. Activities vary but have included tree planting and an awareness of the importance of sustainable tourism. We also work as Business Mentors with a range of local firms on a voluntary basis. We help new or struggling firms to understand their business drivers and to help them improve their business practices and profitability. Each year we put several hundred thousand dollars into the local economy. We employ local staff wherever possible and use local suppliers and recommend local operators to our guests. We understand the importance of engaging with our local community.

Green Journeys Clare is a founder of Green Journeys which works to influence the travel trade and direct guests to plan slower travel and use greener operators as part of their itineraries. We now have a voice with Tourism Export Council, Tourism Industry Association and Tourism New Zealand luxury sector as well as in Qualmark and Nelson Tasman Tourism. Green Journeys now has over 100 members in NZ including 30 luxury accommodations and 60 activity operators.


Qualmark Enviro-GOLD - New Zealand Tourism's top environmental and responsible tourism award

Best eco lodges in the world

Proudly supporting Tasman Bay Guardians Community Conservation group

Proudly supporting Friends of Flora Community Conservation group

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