Peak Season 2016/17:

Summer 2017 will be the busiest on record for The Resurgence, this means that we expect to be running close to 100% capacity from mid-December to late-March and we want to make sure that as many people can stay as possible.

We have a 2-night minimum stay, so this also means that each booking during that period must either leave a 2 or more night gap OR go next to an existing booking. If you get a warning message when you try to book, click here or scroll down the page to see a list of available rooms by check-in date.

Thanks for your understanding - just email us if you cannot book what you are after and we will try to help.

Clare, Peter & Sam

Rooms available by check-in date: (last updated 3 December)


Fairly open until 22 December
15-21 Bush Chalet
15-20 Bush Lodge
15-23 Standard Room
15-24 Superior Room
Then very full Christmas to New Year:
22-24 Bush Lodge / Superior Room (2-nights)
22-25 or 23-25 Standard Room (2 or 3-nights checking-out on Christmas Day)
25th, 26th, 27th FULL
28-31 Bush Chalet (3-nights)
31st FULL


1st FULL
2-4 Bush Lodge (2-nights) 2 LODGES AVAILABLE
2-5 Standard Room (3-nights)
3-6 Bush Chalet (3-nights)
6th FULL
7-9 Bush Lodge (2-nights) 2 LODGES AVAILABLE
7-11 Bush Lodge (4-nights)
9-11 Superior Room / Bush Chalet / Bush Lodge (2-nights)
11th FULL
12-15 Bush Lodge (3-nights)
12-14 Standard Room (2-nights) 2 ROOMS AVAILABLE
12-14 Superior Room (2 or 4 nights)
14-16 Bush Lodge / Bush Chalet / Superior Room (2-nights)
14-17 Bush Lodge (3-nights)
16-19 Bush Lodge (3-nights)
17-19 Bush Lodge (2-nights)
18-20 Superior Room (2-nights) 2 ROOMS AVAILABLE
18-21 Bush Chalet (3-nights)
20-22 Standard Rooms / Superior Rooms (2-nights) 4 ROOMS AVAILABLE
21-23 Bush Lodge (2-nights)
22-25 Bush Lodge (3-nights)
24-27 Bush Chalet (3-nights) PENDING
24-26 Superior Room (2-nights)
25-27 Superior Room (2-nights)
26-29 Standard Room (3-nights)
29-1 Bush Chalet (3-nights)
30-1 Bush Chalet / Bush Lodge (2-nights)
30-2 Bush Lodge (3-nights)
31-2 Standard Room / Superior Room (2-nights)


1-4 Standard Room (3-nights)
4th FULL
5-8 Bush Chalet (3-nights) 5th PENDING
6-8 Superior Room (2-nights)
6-8 or 6-9 Standard Room (2 or 3-nights)
8-10 Superior Room / Bush Lodge (2-nights)
8-11 Standard Room (3-nights)
8-15 Bush Lodge 8-10 / 8-11 / 10-12 / 10-13 / 11-13 / 12-15 / 13-15 (2, 3 or 4-nights)
9-11 Bush Chalet / Standard Room (2-nights)
10-12 Bush Lodge (2-nights)
11-14 Bush Lodge (3-nights)
12-14 Standard Room / Bush Lodge (2-nights) 2 LODGES AVAILABLE
13-16 Superior Room (3-nights) 2 ROOMS AVAILABLE
14-16 Standard Room (2-nights) PENDING
16th -20th FULL
21-23 Bush Chalet (2-nights)
22-24 Bush Chalet (2-nights)
25th FULL
26-1 Bush Chalet (3-nights)
26-28 Bush Lodge / Standard Room (2-nights)
28-1 Standard Room (2-nights)


1-3 Standard Room (2-nights)
2-5 Bush Lodge (3-nights)
5-7 Superior Room / Bush Chalet (2-nights)
5-8 Bush Chalet (3-nights) 2 CHALETS AVAILABLE
6-20 March Standard &/or Superior Rooms
7-9 Bush Chalet &/or Bush Lodge (2-nights) 2 LODGES AVAILABLE

Good availability for the rest of March

20th March-15 April inclusive Bush Chalets and Bush Lodges only


ENQUIRE / SOLD - this means that the room is booked but we may be able to suggest a different room type;

CLOSED TO ARRIVAL / CLOSED TO DEPARTURE - this means that we cannot accept a booking starting / ending on this date in this room type (because it creates a one-night gap);

MAXIMUM STAY - sometimes it may look like we have 3 or more consecutive nights available but in fact there are two rooms each with a 2-night availability. We cannot allow a 3-night stay in this case because the other room-night becomes a one-night gap;

MINIMUM STAY - normally 2-nights, but when the last remaining room in a type is available for a run of 3-nights; if we sold only 2-nights it would leave a one-night gap so we put a 3-night minimum on this period

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